S&D Sonida Digital

                                      Shenzhen Sonida Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in 2006. It is a professional R&D and production enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales of digital video cameras, cameras, digital photo frames, small household appliances (household products), health protection, 3C and other products.

                                      COMPLETE PRODUCTION CHAIN

                                      R&D Mold Injection Assembly Sale


                                      In addition to being committed to independent research and development and design, Sonida Digital is also continuously improving the performance of products, upgrading the performance of existing products in the market, and re-introducing them to the market. In the continuous development and growth, to provide more products for domestic and foreign markets. A sound R&D team, with a total of 12 undergraduate designers and 4 specialist designers, has been continuously recruiting outstanding design talents.



                                      Sonida developed from the original outsourcing mold to the current self-opening mold. It mainly manufactures plastic molds (such as two-color molds, compression molds and extrusion molds, etc.), rubber molds, etc. We have a professional R&D team and have purchased a large number of advanced equipment. For example: milling machine (gong bed), drilling machine, spark machine, wire cutting, etc. Manufactured plastic products are not only for own use, but also cooperate with other suppliers as plastic mold suppliers to facilitate new supply relationships.



                                      Sonida injection molding factory has more than 20 professional technical personnel, which can provide solid technical support for customers' private customization. Not only that, in order to meet the all-round needs of customers, Sonida is now committed to the relevant certification system of small household appliances and health protection products. We also purchased a large number of advanced injection molding facilities, including mold temperature machines (water separation type, oil type), chilled water machines, dryers (the drying equipment has a centralized drying group), pulverizers, mixers, etc. The materials produced by the injection molding factory are supplied to the internal production of finished products, which not only facilitates itself, but also provides strong support for customers to continuously improve their market competitiveness.



                                      In the production of hardware, we invest in advanced processing and production equipment, welding and focusing equipment to ensure the reliability of the process and stable quality of the product. With 8 assembly lines, it can perform assembly operations on multiple products at the same time, and can meet the daily shipping needs of our customers in real time. From electronic assembly, to finished product assembly, to product inspection, to final packaging and shipping. Each link is carried out in strict accordance with the production requirements, with multiple quality checks.



                                      In order to successfully realize the company's established sales plans and tasks, Sonida has established a complete sales team with excellent sales force and work efficiency, which plays an important role in the normal operation of the entire business department and the organization, control and adjustment of sales. Not only that, but also to ensure the smooth realization of sales plans and sales goals. The excellent team has established a foundation for multi-channel sales.


                                      HONORS AND QUALIFICATIONS

                                      Certification - ROHS Certificate - 21 - Permanent Mosquito Killer Lamp (EM01)

                                      Certification - CE Certificate - 21 - Permanent Mosquito Killer Lamp (EM01)

                                      Certification - PSE Certificate - 1 - Permanent - Handheld Fan (EF01P)

                                      Certification-Battery Shipping Report-6-Lithium Battery Drop Test Report-Long Term NP-6A (DC303A)

                                      Certification-Battery Transport Report-6-Cargo Transport Conditions Identification Report-20211231 N

                                      Certification-Battery Transport Report-6-Air Transport Report-20211231 NP-6A (DC303A)

                                      Certification-Battery Shipping Report-6-UN38.3 Test Report-Long Term NP-6A (DC303A)

                                      Certification - ISO 9001 Certificate - 1-20240513 Chinese

                                      Certification-Quality Inspection (Inspection) Report-22-Permanent WIFI Camera (DS07)

                                      IP Camera-TX-CN20D0182 Appearance Design Patent Certificate

                                      Certification-CPC Report-1-Permanent Digital Camera (DC301 Powder)

                                      Certification - Battery Shipping Report - 6 - MSDS Report - 20211231 NP-6A (DC303A)

                                      Trademark-China-8-20310127-Songdian--Class: Class 09, Class 11

                                      Certification-Medical Device CE Certificate-1-20240514 (HT-101 HT-102 HT-103 HT-104)

                                      Appearance Patent-EU-13-20460420 Electronic Photo Frame (P105)

                                      Appearance Patent-US-4-20360302 Handwashing (S21)

                                      Appearance Patent-UK-1-20410125 Mini Camera (DS05)